Employment Opportunities for 2017

If you have a ready smile, are honest and willing to work long hard hours, love the outdoors and enjoy working with people, we may have a position for you.
The following positions are Ranch positions:

Head Ranch Wrangler and Ranch Wranglers: Horse experience required. Duties to include morning round up of horses, noting any illness or injuries; selecting appropriate horses for the daily trail riding; ensuring all horses are groomed and tacked up for trail riding guests; leading trail rides from the ranch and mountain day rides; ensuring all horses receive appropriate feed/water/grain; clean the yard, porch, tack room and shop daily; ensure all tack is kept clean and in good repair; assist with training of young horses.  Shoeing and veterinary knowledge is a plus. CPR and First Aid is required.

Ranch Cook : This position requires preparing three meals daily for owner’s family, ranch staff and guests; meal planning, accommodating any special dietary requirements; preparing grocery lists and shop for food as required; housekeeping duties for the family residence and guest rooms and may include cleaning two guest cabins; maintain a clean and sanitary cooking environment at all times; assist Camp Cook with packing and preparing food for camp guests; ensure pantry is clean and organized at all times; prepare meals for special events at the ranch including corporate “steak ride” events. You must have great people skills, have experience and enjoy cooking for groups ranging from 8 – 30, you must be self-motivated and able to work without supervision. Knowledge of gluten-free cooking is an asset. This position will alternate occasionally with the back-country cook.

Ranch Assistant: This position is designed to fill in for days off in all positions at the Ranch, including but not limited to Office Administrator, Cook/Housekeeper, and Ranch Wrangler. Responsibilities will include all aspects of all positions and will vary daily according to the assigned fill-in position. Will also include watering flowers and weeding the gardens, helping the cook in the kitchen, camp setup, and cleaning guest cabins.

The following positions are back country positions:

Wilderness Wranglers: Guiding overnight trail riding trips of 3 – 7 days duration, providing exceptional customer service to guests at all times. Duties will include tacking, grooming and feeding horses, preparation and packing for trips, camp set-up and tear-down, transporting food and gear via team and covered wagons, ensuring all horses receive appropriate feed/water/grain; stocking wood pile, chopping wood.

Teamsters: Along with the duties of the Wilderness Wranglers (above) you will drive a team and covered wagon on the overnight trips of 3 – 7 days duration, and set up and tear down camps as needed.

Back Country Cook: You must maintain your camp and prepare daily meals for trip guests and staff, accommodating any special dietary requirements. Cooking skills and cleanliness are the most important aspects of this position. Other duties include advance packing and preparation for trips, including such tasks as baking/freezing, etc; setting up and tearing down the kitchen tent at camp; assisting with meals for special events at the Ranch including but not limited to corporate “steak ride” events. Knowledge of gluten-free cooking is an asset. You must have great people skills, being friendly, hospitable. This position requires staying in a high country camp setting for a significant portion of the time.

Assistant Camp Cook: Assist the Back Country Cook with preparing three meals daily for trip guests and staff, helping with the serving, cleanup, and preparation of daily lunches. Keeping the fire on, the coffee hot and the atmosphere warm and friendly is an important part of back country hospitality.


Requirements: We are looking for employees who are available from mid-June to the end of September. All positions require a dress code of cowboy hats, boots, jeans, and western shirts. Facial piercings or tongue piercings must be removed anytime you are working or riding. Abuse of horses in any capacity will not be tolerated. The use of illegal drugs will also not be tolerated. No smoking will be allowed while you are working. Smoking must take place outside buildings and not in the presence of guests. Staff are required to supply their own sleeping bag with liner, pillow, slicker, work gloves and chaps.

Modest housing and meals are supplied as part of our employment package. Please expect to have roommates. Crew is expected to keep their living area picked up and clean. There is an area set up within the accommodations as a place to hang out and socialize. There is a refrigerator, microwave, TV and DVD player. No cable or satellite TV is available. A washer and dryer is provided at no charge. Cell phones sometimes work at the ranch, depending on where you are standing. No long distance calls are to be made from the Ranch phone. We do not have computer facilities for the crew, but there are a few spots on the ranch that will allow you to connect to the internet in the evenings. Internet service is provided via satellite, so traffic is limited. No one is allowed in the office to use either their or the office computers.

Interested applicants are requested to mail, or email their resumes with cover letter outlining your horse and/or cooking experience, photo if possible, and references to the contact information below.

Box 656
Black Diamond, Alberta
T0L 0H0

Email: anchord@anchord.com

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We wanted to thank you again for a fabulous time on the lost trail trip. We are STILL talking about it, and even had a little reunion at Barb's farm in Ontario. Orla and her man came to visit too!! Again, thank you for a fabulous trip, and for memories and friendships that won't be forgotten :)

Melanie Troy, Ontario February 6, 2016