Alberta Bound

Oh the prairie lights are burning bright,
The Chinook wind is moving in,
tomorrow night I’ll be Alberta bound;
Although I’ve done the best I could
My old luck ain’t been so good,
Tomorrow night I’ll be Alberta bound.

Alberta bound, Alberta bound, it’s good to be Alberta bound,
Alberta bound, Alberta bound, it’s good to be Alberta bound

Oh the skyline of Toronto is something you’ll get on to
But they say you’ve got to live there for a while;
And if you’ve got the money you can get yourself a honey
With a written guarantee to make you smile;
Oh it’s blowing in the city and the streets are brown and gritty
But you know there’s pretty girls all over town
But they never seem to find me and the one I left behind me
Is the reason that I’ll be Alberta bound.

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I wanted to send you a note to let you all know what a wonderful time we had at Anchor D in early June. Staying in the Hunter`s Cabin was a perfect fit (comfortable bed and deep claw-foot tub), and your hospitality was second to none. Meals were delicious and plentiful (thank you Kelly and Katy) and your company was warm and welcoming at all times. We especially enjoyed meeting all your friends. What a great group of are a lucky man Dewy.

Thank you Dewy for inviting us into your home and family and thank you all for a wonderful riding experience. I will highly recommend you to all my friends and family (and anyone else that cares to listen), and I will be back.