Cowboy Life

Cowboy Life – Poetry and Recipes

Ya can’t have a good old fashioned trail ride or overnight horseback vacation without some cowboy poetry, wild stories, songs around the campfire and wholesome camp cookin’.

Cowboy Poetry:

Balancing the Bear
Breakin’ the Girls to Harness
Ode to the Great Divide
The Horse’s Prayer

Anchor D Trail Recipes:

Chuckwagon Chili
Coconut Tarts
Date Bars
Carrot Cake
Strawberry Cream Crepes

Campfire Songs:

Rocky Mountain Trail Ride in the Sky

Alberta Bound


Hello ! Soon, it will be 10 years I came in your ranch with "Cheval d'Aventure", it has been a wonderfull trail we make in rocky mountains, and it's in my heart for ever, I hope you are all OK. I'll like to have some news about Christine, our so nice cooker for this trail, I'd like very much her oil paintings. I'm thinking of you. Merry Christmas and Happy new year, and has we say in France : Grosses Bises !!!!!