Lost Trail Trip


Deep in the heart of the Alberta Rockies, we are going to explore trails that don’t see much more than elk and big horn sheep. This is not a ride for beginners.

Join us for a fun-filled seven day horseback vacation, with an explore- as-you-go attitude. We will use a team and wagon to haul camp in, then truck the horses and riders to different areas during the trip to expedite the jump from one mountain area to another. We are going to ride the highest and wildest areas we can find.

All your meals are taken care of, from the first day’s lunch to the last day’s lunch. The meals are wholesome and there’s plenty of it, home-made by our professional back-country cooks.

The horses are awesome and surefooted, the meals exceptional, and the company is fun!

How adventurous are you?

The date for the 2017 Lost Trail trip is:

July 30 – August 5

Price: $2450.00 + GST per person based on cash/debit/certified cheque discount, add 3% for credit card

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Just a quick note to say Thanks a million for everything...We had a wonderful time..Tell Dewy I still think he's nuts...imagine we were over 8000 feet up. I asked my Dad if my Grandma gave up any kids at birth because I think Dewy is related...to those Smith boys in Ontario..They are all crazy with horses and do crazy things ha ha! Will be in touch flying out for a few days and then back to the ranch here in Ontario..Say hi to everyone,,,Pablo, Quinton, Kelly, Brittany, Pearl, Tina, Darlene, Curtis and the rest of the gang - You have a special place out there and great hospitality...Take care

Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario