Ode to the Great Divide

An Anchor D guest, Bill Salmon, from Australia, wrote this poem after going on the Great Divide Ride in September of 1993.

The sun rose clear on that final seventh day
Of our ride across the Rockies – we did it Dewy’s way.
We rode the loggin’ trails, sometimes at gentle pace
Or crashed our way through undergrowth, as if it were a race.

We cleared the fallen timbers strewn on the forest floor
To slip and slide down muddy banks, arriving safe once more.
We marvelled at our horses’ strength that carried us far and wide
The inbred courage of this breen, athletes of “The Great Divide.”

But even such a mighty steed to discipline’s a must
The most effective way has proved a kick right in the “guts”. (This line dedicated to Tanker Jim)
We crossed the mountain ridges, we forged clear icy streams,
The view now spread before us, seen only in our dreams.

Two horns along the range looked on a coloured lake
Where anglers cast their shiny lures for “cut-throat” trout to take.
The main trail road lay just ahead, t’was not a pretty sight,
One wagon with a broken shaft, the big greys spooked in flight.

For they had run the lead team down, had crashed into the rear,
They knocked poor Whiskey to the ground, and charged into the clear.
The wagon swayed so uncontrolled, the big greys raced anew
Potential mayhem loomed in sight, the car park full in view.

But Ronnie the wrangler from Anchor D rode swife as a mountain stream
He raced his horse along the track and caught the maddened team.
The greys responded to his touch, he spoke a soothing strain
With Pommie Keith on the ohter side, they eased back on the rein.

A tragedy averted, we ponder acts so brave,
For men to show such courage, our heroes they are made.

The Matthews own the Anchor D, Jan handles all the change
Dewy’s like a saddle tramp, a-riding on the range.
A mountain man as tough as teak, the bush he calls his own
A rifle slung along his horse displays a hunter’s tone.

A rodeo hat pulled low on face is part of outdoor life,
To remove it from hs head, would take surgeon’s knife.
So if the rockies call to you with wondrous sights to see
You need the best of man and horse – “SELECT THE ANCHOR D”.

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My friends and I just finished your weekender ride and I wanted to thank you and your staff for the most wonderful weekend. Everyone went out of their way to make sure we were comfy and certainly we were well fed. I appreciate Pearl and Brit going out of their way to make lunches and dinners that were gluten free, made it much easier for me. Please extend my thanks to Pablo, Georgia, Lindsay and of course to Pearl and Brit for a wonderful time. (Hope I haven't forgotten anyone). Great to have Dewy's music the first night, loved riding Gracey and Dewy was right -- she was great on the trail the second day -- lots of pep, and Anneka was great on the ride home. Awe inspiring countryside. Looking forward to next summer.

Myrna Calgary February 6, 2016