Rocky Mountain Trail Ride in the Sky

This song was written by Gary Felgaard for an outfitter friend of ours, Dave Manzer, up in the Willmore Wilderness. Dave passed away on January 7, 2006.

Wake up in the morning to the pack horse in the meadow
And whiskey jacks and bacon backs, and coffee in the can
We all roll out and then wash up and damn, the eggs are burnin’
And my heart is on the mountain in the sky.

At night the stars and soft guitars, the songs around the campfire
And I’m living proof that timber wolf won’t get you in the night
And we may smell and look like hell, for standards in the city
And my heart is on the mountain in the sky.

CHORUS: So ride, ride, ride, through the tangle by the river
High, high and higher, heading up for timberline
And fly, fly, fly, the whitetail from it’s cover
My heart is on the mountain, on a Rocky Mountain trail ride in the sky.

Well, I rode that roan ’til my muscles moaned, it’s hard to get us goin’
Which rope is which, that diamond hitch, well, I’ll give it one more try.
And we’ll stamp about and then head out with tails to noses tethered,
And my heart is on the mountain in the sky.

It’s high, wild and beautiful, I love the taste of freedom
Not captured in some photograph or written down in song
And there’ll be time before the shadows fall to stop and smell the roses
And my hears is on the mountain in the sky.


So take your time, old pal of mine, I’ll pretend I was that cowboy
Who lived to ride the Great Divide, a hundred years ago.
And I’ll sit back and watch the tracks we made down through the ages
And my heart is on the mountain in the sky.


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I just want to say thanks again to all of you for a wonderful week . Everything and everyone was so nice . I really enjoyed my time at Anchor D , and I am allready thinking of going back next summer . I miss you all .