A wonderful time. There were many memories made in those woods along those streams. There were also a few memories left behind. You folks do it right and I dream of a day I can come back.

Fort Worth, Texas


Just recently returned from a week staying at the ranch, in Grandpa's cabin. A very nice cabin for watching the horses come down to the ranch in the morning after spending the night in the hills. Also, sitting on the porch, with coffee, and watching the sun rise over the eastern hill behind the ranch, over the beautiful stand of Aspen trees, was a particularly enjoyable morning routine.

Sue and Harold were my main contacts. Both were cordial, courteous, informative, and very helpful in accommodating us. It's such beautiful country there in the rolling foothills of the Rocky Mountains and there were a couple of very scenic auto drives that got me into the higher elevations. All in all, it was a very memorable week spent at the ranch. After returning home, I spent two lazy days just recalling the many pleasurable times I had with you all.