Guest Information

Below is links to important information for guests joining us for your horseback riding holiday and adventure of a lifetime. Please take a few minutes to go over them…

Travel and Transportation: Information on how to get to the Ranch whether you’re flying or driving

Map to Anchor D: Just follow the map, if you’re driving….

Accommodation: Where to stay the night before and after your trip with us

What to Bring on Your Trip: Guidelines on what you should bring along

Allergies & Dietary Restrictions: Do you have any allergies or restrictions we should know about?

Area Attractions: numerous links to fun things to do in the area.

Canada Border Crossing Services: All visitors to Canada that have been convicted of any crime, even a DUI, may be detained at the border. Find out how you can avoid being refused at the port of entry.

Helmets: Please note that while we highly recommend helmets we do not supply them, so if you wish to wear one or have your child wear one, you will need to bring it with you.

We look forward to seeing you here at Anchor D!


I had such a wonderful time on the Great Divide Ride last week. The trip was better than I could have imagined. I'd be delighted to give referrals to anyone who is looking to join an Anchor D trip and would like to speak with a past guest. Feel free to give out my e-mail or phone number to anyone who wants a candid opinion. I only have rave reviews for Dewey's fun-loving style, the great and well-trained horses and the skilled and professional staff. Thank you for sharing your beautiful neck of the woods!

New Jersey